Smash Bros. Pick Of The Day Confirms Eight Color Variants Per Character, Shows Off Four More Terrifying Villagers

The Smash Bros. updates on the Miiverse are not always particularly useful or illuminating. With the game’s release sneaking up on us, you would think now would be the time we start finding out the last little bits of scrumptious information they’ve been holding back. And you’d be right! Well, sort of at least.

In a Miiverse post yesterday, Sakurai dropped a bombshell on us. Instead of five or six different color variants per character, we are now getting a whopping eight. Why would you possibly need eight different color variants when a maximum of four people can play the game at one time? Uh…well, maybe if you’re a big fan of a particular color scheme this well help, I guess. Sakurai showed off the Samus color variants, and admittedly there are a couple here that piqued our interest. I call dibs on Fusion Suit Samus guys, so no one else take her.

samus variant smash

Now, I know what you’re saying. “Jeez those Samus color variants are actually pretty excellent and hit nearly ever major suit found in a Metroid game in the past decade. But don’t you have anything in terrifying Smash Bros. news? Something that will stop me from sleeping at night?” Well, you’re in luck! Sakurai also posted a pic of the last four Villager variants, something he waited until now to reveal presumably because they finally escaped whatever binding ritual had kept them from torturing the general public.

villagers smash

Those eyes. They’ve seen death.