Snazzy Dragon Quest Themed PS4 Release Date Announced

As a game aficionado, it’s hard not to be envious of Japan sometimes. They have the best Club Nintendo rewards, they get all the weird games that rarely get localized, and it seems like every console has at least twenty exclusive variants (excluding the Xbox One, which really only has the “we don’t sell that in Japan” variant).

Now, the latest franchise to get their very own PS4 edition is the much beloved Dragon Quest series.

In part to generate excitement for the upcoming Dragon Quest Heroes, a “Dragon Quest Metal Slime Edition” PlayStation 4 console will be launching December 11, 2014 in Japan. The entire package is quite robust, and comes with a snazzy silver PS4, complete with slime etching, silver controller, 15 days of PS+, a download code for a nifty PS4 theme, a product code allowing players to download Dragon Quest Heroes a day before release, and a small metal slime to sit on the PS4 and protect it from any marauding heroes that might be wandering around your living room.

There’s no word yet about whether the console will make its way westward, but it’s pretty unlikely considering Dragon Quest’s marginal share outside of Japan. It currently has a price point of 49,980 yen.