SNOW Closed Beta Dates Announced

When Poppermost Productions first revealed SNOW, it wasn’t breathtaking. Sure, it had the views, visuals and ideas to back its massive ambitions, but promises only go so far in this industry. Since then, (dating as far back as February, 2014), SNOW has developed into the beautifully realized, open-world winter sport experience it set out to be.

Earlier this week, Poppermost announced dates for their upcoming closed beta. While the game has been available on a try-at-your-own-risk basis for some time, the beta allows those on the fence to test the waters (or more accurately: slopes) for free on PC. Interested parties should sign up via the official SNOW website. Naturally, it’s a first come/first served deal.

The floodgates officially open on March 28, 2015, and signers that make it through the bunch will receive “an exclusive Red Bull Sean Pettit helmet in game.”

The purpose for the closed beta is to introduce and test various game modes, including races, slopestyle, big air, a replay mode for watching your performances, player leveling, matchmaking and mountain sharing with friends. Additionally, the interface and character store have been overhauled, and around 700 real-world brand items will be available.

If you want to know what makes SNOW standout, check out our preview and watch the trailer below: