Solving Planetary Mysteries With Space-Guns in Everreach Reveal Trailer

Every new planet is its own little puzzle, but Planet Eden is trickier than most.  It’s got the remains of a lost civilization buried in the environments and there are forces working to uncover their secrets in a decidedly unfriendly fashion.  Everreach is on the case to turn Eden from a battleground back into a safe place for humanity to colonize as it spreads to the stars, and they’ve assigned specialist Nora Harwood to secure the planet.  Hopefully with plenty of backup, because if Eden is comparable to Earth that’s 57.5 million square miles she’s responsible for and it’s not the well-charted parts with human settlements that are the problem.

Everreach: Project Eden is a tactical-action RPG featuring a hero with a massive skill tree to tweak her run & gun combat to your liking.  While not a full open-world game each environment is free to explore, complete with extra loot and side-quests for those who can uncover them.  When not tearing through the world on foot Nora pilots a heavily-armed hoverbike, perfect for covering ground quickly and laying waste to anything that may get in the way.  The action is all in service to a story that promises to explore fully Project Eden’s characters as well as the world’s lore, sending you deep into the heart of the planet on a quest that spirals out from what had initially seemed a fairly straightforward objective.  Everreach is aiming to be an epic action-RPG, and if the trailer below is anything to go by it’s well on the way to living up to its ambitions.