Sonic Colors Ultimate Hits PC Via Steam Today

Sonic Colors was one of the finest examples of 3D Sonic platforming fun for many years – but it was hurt by being Wii-exclusive for a long time. Finally, a couple of years ago, it hit consoles to critical acclaim. With a reworked style and better-optimization for modern hardware like HDR-compatible TVs, the vibrant world came alive like never before. Being available on more hardware allowed the game to shine like never before and exposed it to a new generation of Sonic fans.

Now, PC players will be able to see what all the fuss is about as Sonic Colors Ultimate has finally been released for PC via Steam. Sonic Colors Ultimate is available in a standard edition for $39.99 or you can get the deluxe edition that incudes cosmetic items and a music pack for $44.99 – which is $4 cheaper than buying the DLC piece-by-piece. You can get a nice 30% discount buying it now via Steam as well.