Sonic Forces Launching This November

The second Sonic title to come out in 2017 has a release date, Sega revealed earlier today. The 3D rendition of the blue blur will be available across Xbox One, PS4, PC & Switch on November 7. To coincide with today’s announcement, the developer-publisher has also revealed the game’s Bonus Edition which will be available for all console platforms. Below is the PS4 version.

Sonic Forces PS4 Bonus Edition

The Bonus edition comes bundled with a custom controller skin as well as a series of in-game cosmetics for the custom hero character players can create to use alongside Classic and Modern Sonic — all themed around the protagonists of well-known Sega licenses and properties, including Atlus’ own main protagonist from Persona 5 a la the Phantom Thieves outfit (Atlus is of course a subsidiary of Sega). You can find the Xbox One & Nintendo Switch variants below.

Sonic Forces sees the return of Generations’ gameplay split between fast 3D running-and-jumping as Modern Sonic with Classic Sonic pitted in 2.5D-styled iterations that harken to the original trilogy on the Sega Genesis/Megadrive. Of course, if you want a more vintage and near-perfect homage, you can read up on our review of Sonic’s latest entry, Sonic Mania, right here.