Sonic Lost World Receives Nintendo-Themed DLC

During today’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed that two new pieces of DLC will be coming to the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World. The first, available as of today, is called “Yoshi’s Island Zone,” and as you may have guessed is based on the popular Nintendo franchise Yoshi’s Island. A short demo showed Sonic running through a side-scrolling level designed in the famililar Yoshi’s Island art style, complete with Shy Guys, coins, piranha plants, and pipes.

The second piece of DLC was not named, but Iwata gave a not-so-subtle hint about  its theme when he said, “Fans will be able to LINK their Wii U system to the Nintendo eShop early next year”. That, combined with a piece of  Sonic Lost World art shown simultaneously featuring a hidden Triforce, made it clear the second installment of DLC will possess a Zelda theme.

“Yoshi’s Island Zone” is available now as a free download on the Nintendo eShop.