Sony Announces New VR Headset

Don’t fret, the technology isn’t improved. Sony has announced an updated model of the current PlayStation VR Headset. Under the product number CUH-ZVR2, the headset offers a few design changes. Current users are unable to view HDR content with the adapter for the television currently plugged in. This will change with the new model. Most importantly, there will be integrated stereo headphones on the back of the unit. There will also be a thinner cable running from the processing unit to the PS4, which means the unit will not be interchangeable with current headsets. While HTC has released a few different versions of the Vive with notable changes, these changes are mainly convenient and cosmetic for the PSVR. It will stay compatible with all current content, and adopters of the first generation will not be left hanging. This could also mean a price drop for current units, as this will launch in Japan in October 14 for ¥44,980 ($400).