Sony Announces the DualSense Edge Pro Controller

Sony today announced their take on a pro style controller, DualSense Edge.

PlayStation fans have waited for years wondering if Sony would release their own pro controller. Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Wireless Controller was a huge hit with Xbox fans, yet Sony released no pro version of the DualShock 4. That’s about to change. Today, Sony revealed their own pro controller for PS5.

The DualSense Edge is the company’s first ever high-performance, customizable controller. The controller features a wide array of hardware and software options that will allow you to tailor the controller to your playstyle. These include being able to customize button inputs, stick sensitivity and dead zones, trigger resistance, and more. You’ll be able to save multiple control profiles, adjust your setup on the fly, and change out the sticks and back buttons. Of course, the controller comes with all current DualSense features.

Each DualSense Edge comes packaged with stick caps and back button sets, a USB Type-C braided cable, and a carrying case. You’ll even be able to charge the controller while it is in the case.

No word yet on pricing or a release date. Sony says they’ll have more to share in the months ahead, so be sure to check back for more news about the DualSense Edge.