Sony Bringing PS4 and PS Vita to China Next Month

While Microsoft released their Xbox One all-in-one entertainment system in China back in September, it looks like Sony is following right behind them. Sony Computer Entertainment has announced today that they will be bringing both their PlayStation 4 console and PlayStation Vita handheld device to China in just one short month.

Both systems come with all standard items you’d expect packed-in, along black and white color designs. Both systems will be made available on January 11 in China, with a suggest retail price of 2,899 RMB for the PlayStation 4, which is roughly $470 USD. In comparison, Xbox One launched in China with a price of 3,699 RMB, which is over $100 USD more than what Sony is bringing. The PS Vita is also priced at a reasonable 1,299 RMB ($209).

No official launch lineup of titles have been announced, but a great number of publishers have been listed to be bringing their games to the region. This will no doubt shake up the console race as Sony is really striving to make it big in China.