Sony Finally Provides a Full Teardown of the PlayStation 5

Sony today finally gave us a look at what’s underneath the PS5’s white fans.

Fans have long wanted to know what the guts of Sony’s upcoming console looks like. Though we’ve known for months what the console looks like, as well as its specs, how the system’s been constructed has remained a mystery. Well, nearly a month out from launch, that mystery has been solved.

Sony today dropped a new video where Sony Interactive Entertainment’s VP of Mechanical Design Department, Yasuhiro Ootori tears apart the console. The video confirms that the PS5 is indeed a big console, but also answers why it is so large compared to PS4. Ootori claims that the design was chosen as it provides a huge improvement for processing power and quietness. Considering PS4 and PS4 Pro units can get quite loud, optimizing for a quiet experience sounds smart.

In terms of inputs, the front of the PS5 houses a USB-C and a USB-A port. On the back lies an additional two USB-A ports, a LAN port, HDMI Out, and AC for power. An included stand is used to alternate between vertical and horizontal positioning. A screw is required to hold the vertical position, but not in horizontal positioning.

The white fins can be removed without tools, suggesting that there might be customization options in the future. Ootori points out that air intakes lie on both sides of the machine and then exhausted out of the back of the console. New dust ports can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, which means the console should be easy to clean. Finally, we also got a look at the SSD drive bay. As previously announced, the PS5 supports the M.2 interface and works with the latest high-speed PCI-e 4.0 rating SSDs. Players should be able to use any standard SSD in their PS5, as long as it meets those requirements.

As for what players shouldn’t meddle with, Ootori also showcased the motherboard, the x86-64-AMD Ryzen Zen 2 CPU and RDNA-2 Radeon graphics processor, GDDR6 system memory, the custom SSD controller module, heat sink, 4K blu-ray player, and 35W power supply.

PlayStation 5 launches November 12 in North America.