Sony: No Next-Gen PlayStation in the next 12 Months

Sony today confirmed that the PlayStation 5 won’t be out in the next 12 months.

Sony’s earnings call for fiscal year 2018 today revealed great news for PlayStation. The console posted record revenue and profits, and has shipped 96.8 million units to date. In fact, PS4 sales have surpassed all seventh-generation consoles. For fiscal year 2019, Sony expects to ship another 16 million PS4s. What wasn’t mentioned? PlayStation 5.

Last week, Sony dropped the first details about the next-gen PlayStation. Those details didn’t include a name, price, or target release window. There had been some hope Sony might target a spring 2020 release after Nintendo’s successful March 2017 launch for the Switch. However’ that’s not going to happen. The company confirmed that PS5 won’t launch during this fiscal year, which runs through March 31, 2020.

PlayStation 5, or whatever it’s called, is highly expected to launch holiday 2020. Lead architect Marc Cerny confirmed that the console will utilize AMD technology and a Solid-State Drive. Goals for the console include ray-tracing, improved VR, and ultra-fast loading. We’ll let you know should Sony announce anymore details regarding the PS5.