Sony Patent Suggests PS5 Controller Will Have Buttons on Rear Side

Despite Sony’s tight-lipped attitude toward the PlayStation 5, details continue to leak out.  Tech news website Let’s Go Digital recently discovered that the hardware maker had filed a “utility patent” for an “input device” which described an updated version of the DualShock controller. It seems this new version of the tried and true controller series very much resembles the DualShock 4, but with at least one major change: the addition of four new buttons on the rear side of the controller.

The new patent describes two buttons positioned on the controller’s right-rear side and two more on the left-rear side. Both pairs of buttons consist of one larger button that can be moved up and down and one smaller button that can be pressed. The smaller button also appears to be pressure-sensitive, so it’ll be able to distinguish between a partial and full press. It is unknown whether or not users will be able to program these buttons like they can those of the recently release Back Button Attachment for the DualShock 4, but it’s unlikely considering that they’re fully-integrated into the controller. Hopefully, Sony will soon follow Microsoft’s lead and officially reveal the PlayStation 5 so everyone can see the reality for themselves.


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