Sony Pictures is, Ironically, Working on a ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Film

It looks like Sony Pictures, the movie branch of Sony, is working with Nintendo to develop an animated Super Mario Bros. film. That’s according to recently leaked emails between producer Avi Arad andSony Studio Chief Amy Pascal.

“I am the proud father of mario the animated film [sic],” producer Avi Arad told Sony Studio Chief Amy Pascal in an email dated Oct. 23, 2014. Arad also sent Pascal  images of him with Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata, the latter of which included the message, “Happy ceo, lets get together, it’s the mother load [sic].”

Further emails reveal that Sony Pictures is already formulating ideas for multiple films, all of them animated. That isn’t to say anything is going to happen immediately. A film would still need to be greenlit, which is typically a long process for animated films. Animated films require more script and storyboarding than a typical live-action film. Plus, Arad confirmed that negotiations are still on-going with Nintendo. There’s potential that neither party comes to an agreement and the whole idea is scrapped.

We also have to consider that Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony’s game branch, and Nintendo are direct competitors. No emails concerning this deal involved Sony Computer Entertainment, or even mentioned them. If this deal goes through, it will be a little ironic that a branch of Sony is developing a film about Nintendo’s iconic plumber.

Thanks, BuzzFeed!