Sony Pictures Television, Square Enix Announce Live-Action Final Fantasy TV Series

Sony Pictures Television and Square Enix today announced a live-action Final Fantasy series for TV series.

The Final Fantasy franchise is no stranger to other media forms. Over the years, the franchise has been adapted for theatrical release, straight-to-DVD release, comics, and books. Soon, it’ll make the jump to your TV screen.

Sony Pictures Television, production company Hivemind Entertainment, and Square Enix are teaming up to develop a live-action Final Fantasy TV series. Though none of the companies provided concrete details about the show’s plot, they did confirm it takes place in Eorzea. Eorzea is the setting of Final Fantasy XIV, but don’t expect an adaptation of any of the previous stories. Rather, the show features an original plot that explores the struggle between magic and technology.

Other details, including how the show will be distributed, remain a mystery. At this time, the show is under development. We’ll let you know should Sony, Hivemind, or Square Enix make any additional announcements about the series.