Sony to Unite all First-Party Developers Under PlayStation Studios

Sony Interactive Entertainment today unveiled a new branding initiative for all their first-party studios, PlayStation Studios.

Launching alongside the PS5 this holiday season, the PlayStation Studios branding unites all games developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. To highlight this, the new opening video features characters from multiple PlayStation properties. These include Kratos, Sackboy, Aloy, Ratchet, Nathan Drake, and Ellie. The format allows for tinkering to include additional characters.

The branding will start appearing on all Sony Interactive Entertainment developed games this holiday season, including those on PS5 and PS4. Unfortunately, both The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima will miss out on the branding due to timing. In addition, the branding will appear on Sony Interactive Entertainment titles that make the jump to PC. However, the upcoming release of Horizon Zero Dawn on PC won’t include the branding. Once again, the issue comes down to timing. Finally, projects that Sony manages will also include the logo even if they don’t own the developer.

“Over the last few years — and even the last decade — the strength of the titles coming out from our studios has been stronger than ever,” Eric Lempel, senior vice president and head of global marketing at Sony Interactive Entertainment, told “We have been thinking about how we unite all of these great games under one brand, and really the purpose of that is to make the consumer understand that, when they see this brand, they’re getting ready for a robust, innovative, deep experience that they’ve come to expect from games coming from PlayStation. So we came up with PlayStation Studios.”

PlayStation Studios launches holiday 2020 alongside the PS5. Expect to hear more about the PS5 and other PlayStation Studios initiatives this summer.

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