Sony’s FMV-Styled Murder-Mystery Erica Reemerges, Launches Today

Think back to Paris Games Week of 2017, and you may (or may not) recall an odd little announcement from Sony’s showing, by the name of Erica. Appearing to be a FMV-style murder-mystery of sorts with choice decisions involved, developed by Flavourworks, this “interactive” and “cinematic experience” seemed to remain silent for nearly two years before it was brought back into the spotlight once more during the opening night of Gamescom earlier today.

While there’s been a change in actress by the look of things, the game — still called Erica — remains focused on players thinking carefully about the decisions they make. And in what has been a day of shadow drops and stealth releases, the game is available right now for PS4 via the PS Store. Here’s the recently-unveiled new trailer for the game complete with updated titular character.