Soulstone Survivors Decimating Hordes in Early Access Release Date Trailer

It’s hard to know what to call a new genre but the excellent Vampire Survivors kicked it off late last year, and since then a number of new games have popped up covering the same ground in their own unique way.  Magic Survival was the very first one, before Vampire Saviors took off, and since then a good number of new games have popped up in the as-yet-nameless genre.  One of the bigger ones is Soulstone Survivors, which has given itself one of the better and more descriptive names of horde survival.  A lone hero starts off in a near-empty arena that slowly fills with enemies, and one of the defining features of the genre is the player has minimal control over attacks.  They happen automatically, some targeting random spots on the field while others are more directed, and every enemy killed can drop an exp gem.  Collect enough to level up and get three options to power up the hero, drawn at random from a huge list of bonuses covering everything from new weapons, area of effect, status changes, attack and movement speed, and every other gameplay element that may come to mind.  The object is survival but the horde gets bigger and meaner with each one taken out, until eventually the screen is awash with pure chaos that, when everything is going to plan, the player conducts like a symphony of firepower. Whether through victory or defeat the waves finally come to an end and the player can use any currency collected in the level to permanently power up the hero, making the next run just a bit more survivable than the last.

The original demo for Soulstone Survivors came out a few months back and was replaced by a standalone Prologue version, both of which were very well received.  Since that time the Prologue has had regular updates, adding and balancing features, and the demo has even reappeared with more characters available to play as.  Eventually the full version is bound to come out, though, and the new trailer gives a release date of November 7.  The Early Access version will add the Runes feature, which has been locked in both demo and Prologue, as well as new heroes, new weapons for each hero, many more skills, and even curses to make a run tougher while offering unique rewards.  There’s a lot more to come for Soulstone Survivors, and it’s just about ready to expand its new genre even further.