Spiders Unveil Latest Project Steelrising

Earlier today, Nacon — formerly Bigben Interactive — hosted a brief online presentation showcasing the publisher’s upcoming line-up, in which three previously-unknown titles were shown off for the first time. Albeit with varying degrees of in-game representation on what the final experience entailed. And while it’s been less than a year since the team’s last successful (and much better) effort, Parisian-based Spiders left it to today to unveil their next project, the action RPG Steelrising. Set in an alternate version of the French Revolution, Steelrising sees an 18th century France wherein mass-produced automatons roam the city streets — suppressing the French people under the command of this world’s more tyrannical version of King Louis XVI.

Players take control of Aegis, a female automaton, whose arsenal of weapons must be wielded to bring peace to the country. While there’s sadly no gameplay to go on, from the teaser trailer below, it’s clear Spiders are aiming once more to take a completely different avenue tonally compared to their last game. Last year’s GreedFall, though not without its fault, was a surprisingly enjoyable and well-realized action RPG from the team, so to see the developers moving onto new concepts and aesthetics will be something we’ll no doubt be keeping an eye on. Steelrising is planned to release sometime on PC and next-gen consoles.

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