Spirit Battles Offer New Challenge in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is set to be the greatest combination of characters in the series’ history. A new mode is being added to the game in order to replace collectible trophies. And with it comes even more video game characters to meet.

It’s called Spirits and there are all kinds of things to do with them. Instead of a trophy to find, there are little stickers to collect. They help power up your own attacks, give strength to amiibo and can simulate battles against other characters not found in the game. They are paired up with opponents of a similar appearance or nature. For example, facing against the Able Sisters from Animal Crossing are actually just 3 Sonic the Hedgehogs to defeat. These are reminiscent of the challenge fights from previous titles but with some added incentive of collecting goodies.

The Spirits offer a huge RPG style component to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Not everything was revealed during the Direct presentation so players will have to learn more as they play.