Spiritfarer Unfurls New Trailer, Sails To Epic Games Store and Stadia

Thunder Lotus seem to be setting up their upcoming hand-drawn management game/platformer Spiritfarer as their biggest title yet. Given how impressive the game has been so far, that shouldn’t be too surprising, but the developers are clearly also devoted to getting the game released on every platform possible. Hence the latest trailer below, which shows that alongside all current major platforms including Xbox Game Pass, Steam, and GOG, Spiritfarer will now be arriving for Stadia and the Epic Games Store as well.

Of course, a wide range of platforms alone isn’t fully indicative of a game’s quality, which is why the trailer is also packed to the brim with a ton of impressive gameplay, all shown off in just one minute. We have returning characters and more new faces, activities such as Guitar Hero-style mini-games, journeys across tilted lighthouses, silhouette storms, and Japanese billboards, and the sight of our ferrymaster Stella’s ship becoming even more massive than usual, equipped to care for and carry as many spirits as possible to the eventual afterlife. Still no release date, but Spiritfarer is still dead set on release later on in 2020, and here’s hoping it does indeed get to wow us when we most need it.

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