Spit-Swapping Mobile Platformer Spitkiss Now Available

A lot of recent video games have used unconventional means, settings, and characters to get various messages across. Up until today, though, it’s likely no one was expecting spit and the inside of the human body to deliver some of those messages. But that’s exactly what Playdius and developers Triple Topping are doing with Spitkiss, available now. On the surface, it’s a precision platformer for mobile devices that player control with one digit. Below that, though, it’s a love story that explores such topics as unconditional love, polyamory, gender identity, and more.

As the release trailer below shows, you control a blob of spit as it sticks on and bounces off walls, being sent by our protagonists, the spitkissers. Living in a human body, the two pass messages of love and hope the only way they can. But while the spitkissers have their own story, another takes place with Ymer, their host. So across eighty levels, players will also experience hand-drawn comics concerning Ymer’s life. It certain is a unique take for a platformer, so check Spitkiss out on iOS, Android, or PC if interested.