Splatoon 2 Adds New Weapon Type Called ‘Squeezer’

Splatoon 2 continues adding all kinds of interesting content to the game. We just received a new mode in Clam Blitz as well as old stages making a comeback, but there’s is still more stuff to come! The latest announcement showed off a new weapon type.

The Squeezer is seemingly a recycled champagne bottle fitted with a trigger. There are two different ways to use it as well. Press the ZR button once for a single, high-power shot to attack. However, holding the button down will allow it to continuously fire ink which is better for covering. It comes with a Splash Wall for protection and the Sting Ray for long distance attacks.

Since the Squeezer is available now, we’re hoping to see more variations in the near future. Perhaps a soda or water bottle will be used, maybe even a gallon of milk! Check out some close-up images of the weapon below!