Splatoon 2 Confirms the Comeback of More Older Weapons

Splatoon 2 has been teased as early as October during the first trailer for Nintendo Switch. It wasn’t until last month however that Splatoon 2 was officially coming. During those reveals we learned many main weapons will return for the sequel alongside new specials and subs. Now, Splatoon’s official accounts are confirming the comeback of even more favorites as they are given the term “legacy weapons”.

So far, two weapons are sure to reappear, the Slosher and Heavy Splatling. Both receive a bit of cosmetic changes which you can see in detail below. Some of coloring has been swapped out while even the smallest of details such as hand grip design have been altered for the Slosher. The location of the ink barrel on the Heavy Splatling is much more noticeable. It has been tilted to make for easier maintenance.

According to the posts however, these legacy weapons have not changed in any other way. That may mean it’s range, ink consumption, and damage though since it has been revealed all specials from the previous game have been replaced. More details are sure to come as the Summer launch window draws closer. Until then, check out the new looks for each weapon.