Splatoon 2’s Next Splatfest is Ready for the Holidays

Finding gifts for the holidays can be difficult. Children don’t care about clothing but the older you get, the more you want some additions to your wardrobe. It seems the kids and squids in Splatoon 2 feel the same way as the former. The game’s next Splatfest has been announced and it’s between two very festive items that aren’t fun at all.

Players must choose between Team Sweater or Team Socks. Both are itchy, ugly and don’t even fit right but add a lot to the current holiday season. No matter which side you’re on, everyone’s a loser. Pick the piece of clothing you would enjoy more and just stick with it. Splatfest won’t last that long at least.

The event begins on December 15 at 9pm PT. This comes just days after a huge update releases so look out for all sorts of new and cool things.