Spring Update for Xbox Rolls Out

Starting today Microsoft is rolling out new features for the Xbox Insider Community as a taste for the Spring Update coming to Xbox. This will include new Mixer interactivity, new video output options, new invite tools for Club owners, enhanced immersive audio and more.

Mixer, Microsoft’s streaming platform, just got a lot more hands on. Mixer streamers on Xbox One will now be able to share the controller with a Mixer viewer who is watching through the streaming service. Streamers will share the entire controller (except the Xbox button) in whatever game they’re playing. The other player can take control through the onscreen gamepad or plugging a controller into their PC. This is sure to cause all sorts of antics.

Both Xbox One X and Xbox One S will now support output at 1440p resolution for games or other media. This will fill the gap between Full HD and 4K displays. Besides the resolution, audio is also feeling the love. Now there is an option to selectively fine-tune the balance of sound between game audio and background music. This new audio balance even supports special audio taking cues from a surround sound system to match the action on screen.

All of these features sound great and will be coming to every Xbox user soon.