Square Enix Reveals All-Star Lineup of Developers Working on Final Fantasy XVI

Square Enix has revealed their all-star lineup of developer currently working on bringing Final Fantasy XVI to PS5.

Yesterday was a big day for Final Fantasy fans. After much anticipation and hype, the second trailer for Final Fantasy XVI dropped during Sony’s State of Play show, showcasing the game’s story elements, several new characters, and gameplay. In addition to this, Square Enix also revealed the lineup of developers leading the project.

Since Day One, we’ve known that Naoki Yoshida would serve as producer. While the man is best known for resurrecting Final Fantasy XIV and sheparding its amazing expansions, he also worked on the Dragon Quest series. In fact, a lot of alumni from Yoshida’s Final Fantasy XIV team return, including Kazutoyo Maehiro (Creative Director & Screenplay Writer), Hiroshi Minagawa (Art Director), and Michael-Christoper Koji Fox (Localization Director). However, most exciting is the return of Masayoshi Soken as lead composer, who turned out multiple excellent soundtracks for XIV.

New to Yoshida’s world is Main Director Hiroshi Takai, who worked on Final Fantasy V and The Last Remnant. Ryota Suzuki of Devil May Cry 5 and Dragon’s Dogma fame is lending his action-focused expertise to the project as the Combat Director.

Final Fantasy XVI launches summer 2023 on PS5.