Square Enix Reveals Shinra Technologies Cloud Service

Square Enix has announced their own cloud-based game service called Shinra Technologies, following their registration of the Final Fantasy VII-related trademark earlier this year.

Square Enix aims to use Shinra Technologies to expand past the simple distribution model and design specific projects built with the Shinra tech in mind. With a single server doing all of the heavy lifting, games can be experienced without worrying about compatibility, hardware specifications or rendering of artifacts.

The company also aspires to help developers “break the stranglehold of having a fixed amount of resources” when designing games with Shinra. A single server can hold a single version of a game without worrying about varied hardware compatibility or fragmented tech markets.

A launch for the Shinra beta has been confirmed to occur in 2015 in Japan first, with a US beta to follow later that year. According to Square Enix, content lineups and official beta test dates will be announced “in the coming months.”

Watch the trailer below and stick with Hardcore Gamer for future details on Square Enix’s journey to the lifest-…I mean…the cloud.