Square Enix Teases New Game With Mystery

Something wicked this way comes and only the people at Square Enix know what it is. We don’t know much about this new game other than it is being called Murdered: Soul Suspect and it is expected to be the hardest mystery game ever created. Pictures with strange symbols have been released, but piecing them together still doesn’t give us any clues as to what exactly is going on. There is a website you can visit, that won’t reveal much either, but hovering at the bottom shows the game will be available for Xbox 360, XBLA, PlayStation 3, PSN and PC. Also linked on the website is a Twitter account which released those mysterious images. Oh, and the game’s tagline? “What is the hardest case to solve?”.

mystery1      mystery23_AzbVnpxq

2 thoughts on “Square Enix Teases New Game With Mystery

  1. Hmm the pieced together picture does nothing more than give almost the same symbol as they have on the stone (the lines converge on the stone/asphalt whereas in the picture they don’t) on their website except on birch bark. Also the addresses on the twitter pic of the street location means there’s a 666 address very nearby. *gasp* And is the reference to a grove a nod to the use of birch bark? And finally, no wii-u? 🙁

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