Square Enix’s Triangle Strategy Releasing Next March

It would appear, much like the first game in their “HD-2D”-incorporated run of releases, Square Enix have decided to simply drop the “Project” header when it comes to the final name of their latest project to utilise the eye-catching visual aesthetic. That being the turn-based tactics title, Triangle Strategy, as it has now been confirmed to be called. As shown during today’s latest trailer, the final game has been tweaked and improved based on recent feedback of the game’s previously-released demo.

Unlike Octopath Traveler before it, Triangle Strategy instead has players take command of a troupe of units on a grid-based, multi-level map in which positioning can be as much a way into bonus attacks, as it is attacking on its own. Set in the fictional continent of Norzelia, Triangle Strategy will also have players make pivotal choices throughout the story, of which may alter how future battles shape up. Triangle Strategy releases for Nintendo Switch on March 4.