Stadia Games and Entertainment Announces new Partners

Google and Stadia Games and Entertainment today announced new partners developing content only for Stadia.

One of the chief complaints about the Stadia platform is its lack of exclusive content. At launch, the platform featured only one timed-exclusive game, and, despite its charm, it wasn’t a major platform seller. It’s a spot that Google is attempting to fix by partnering with other studios.

During today’s Stadia Connect, Google revealed three new partners:

  • Harmonix (Dance Central, Rock Band)
  • Uppercut Games (City of Brass, Submerged)
  • Supermassive Games (Until Dawn, The Dark Pictures Anthology)

No word yet on what these developers are working on, but each are working on projects only on Stadia. Each developer brings something unique to the table. Harmonix’s rhythm games have always been crowd-pleasers. Uppercut Games’ mix of exploration and procedurally generated levels make for exciting viewing. Finally, Supermassive Games’ recent horror titles have spawned streaming series that encourage the audience to select the player’s actions. With Google’s intense focus of blending Stadia with YouTube, partnering with these three studios makes a lot of sense.

We’ll let you know when the developers announce their Stadia projects.