Stand Against The Hordes in Total War: Three Kingdoms Dynasty Mode

Fans of Total War: Three Kingdoms are about to get another reason to hone their skills. Creative Assembly has announced that a new, free mode called “Dynasty Mode” will be coming to the game on August 8. This mode put players in control of three general units as and allow them to unleash the full brunt of their legendary powers upon their enemies. They’ll need to too, otherwise they might not survive the onslaught.

Dynasty Mode is Total War: Three Kingdom’s version of horde mode. Players get their choice of three heroes and are given a wide variety of powerful abilities to play around with. Each wave of enemies gets progressively harder, with generals spawning every third wave as a sort of boss encounter. Weathering the storm nets players points to put towards new skills and make themselves even more overpowered. As with most games though, power will only get one so far without any skill to back it up.

Players looking for a little more challenge in Dynasty Mode will have the option of adjusting the enemy waves to their liking too. Unit sizes can be increased from the eighty man standard all the way up to 960 men per unit. It will certainly take men (and machines) to hold out against such an overwhelming force.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is available on PC. Check out our review for a brief overview of how it holds up against its genre peers.