Star Ocean: The Divine Force Demo Launches For PlayStation, Xbox

Star Ocean fans based on Xbox and PlayStation systems have been invited to surf the stars in the newly-launched Star Ocean: The Divine Force demo. Jumping into it will allow players to get a start on the tale of the Raymond Lawrence, a brash, young captain of a merchant vessel. It seems his recklessness has gotten him crash-landed on the under-developed world of Aster IV, and more trouble is sure to follow.

Raymond has, of course, gotten himself separated from his crew, so finding them will likely be players’ top priority. All members of Captain Lawrence’s crew are capable sorts, so they’ll probably be fine in the meantime. As for the good captain himself, he’s fast on his feet and more than able to take out enemies single-handedly. With Star Ocean: The Divine Force’s new combat system to bring his abilities to the fore, players should be able to use his talents to the fullest. See some of what’s up in the TGS trailer below.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force launches on October 27 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Check our our review of Star Ocean: First Departure R for a sense of where the series is at these days.

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