Star Wars Battlefront Team Uses Advanced Photography to Capture ‘Every Last Detail’ of the Star Wars Universe

DICE, developers of the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront, recently visited the LucasFilm Cultural Arts Museum as well as the original Star Wars filming locations to photograph “several terabytes of inspiration for Star Wars¬†Battlefront.”

A technique called photogrammetry was used, which “is essentially the technique of processing still images to produce a high resolution 3D mesh,” as explained by Star Wars Battlefront’s lead environment artist Andrew Hamilton. ¬†“There are a number approaches to this, but they all involve taking photos of a subject in real-life and running it through photogrammetry software.”

Even though the tech’s power does simplify the process greatly, a post on Star Wars Battlefront’s official blog states there is still a lot of work to be done once the photos are captured and run through the software, but the end result is much better for it.

“When all of the steps are completed, the level of detail in the 3D models is astounding. More importantly, this process allowed us to stay true to the original look and feel of the Star Wars universe in an unprecedented way,” the post details. “After all, how much closer can you really get, using this technology to create a practically exact digital replica of the original models that captured the imagination of the world?”

If you’d like to read more about how DICE is crafting the world you’ll see in Star Wars Battlefront, then check out the team’s official blog post on the process used to capture the Star Wars universe.