StarCraft Developers Talk About the Good Ol’ Days

Earlier today Blizzard put out an in depth look at the making of one of gaming’s most beloved franchises, StarCraft. With StarCraft: Remastered around the corner it’s pleasant read for any fan.

StarCraft may have come out almost twenty years ago, but that hasn’t slowed it down from being a juggernaut in gaming (looking at you S. Korea). The interview itself can be summed up simply as, just a group of folks doing their damn best to make a game they and others would absolutely love.

It’s always a treat when developers share the ups and downs of the development process. For one of the worlds most beloved games this is a welcome look at just how a juggernaut like StarCraft got made.

They were a ragtag bunch of twenty-something friends working sixty hours a week, plus half-days on weekends. They played Street Fighter and Samurai Shodown, jury-rigged beat-up cars, jammed out on electric guitars, blew off steam at karaoke bars and concerts.

What started with a group of friends setting out to make a game they would want to play, quickly gained ground, even if it was a shaky ride. But what part of development is easy, right?

There wasn’t a lot of thought process,” says Didier. “It was more of—let’s put this in, and boom. That’s our Siege Tank. That’s our Battlecruiser. There was no going back, no ‘Hey, can we redo this?’ There was no desire for that. It was cool, just as it was.

The article is a wide berth interview with some of StarCraft’s most important personalities. Sharing a number of thoughts on the making of StarCraft and the shenanigans that accompanied it.

StarCraft’s world was born in a whirlwind of creativity. “When we made these races, we just threw a bunch of crap at the wall and saw what stuck,” says Didier.

When reading the piece itself, StarCraft almost sounds like the hobbled together Mustang that Sam Dieder mentions at the beginning. Just like that Mustang though, with a little care and love, StarCraft was a beauty.

For the full read, check it out here. It’s worth it. And if still looking to get the beak wet for some StarCraft a free download is available for both StarCraft and StarCraft: Brood War