Starfield Confirmed As Xbox Exclusive, Releasing November Next Year

It’s been a while since the word Starfield was muttered, at least in the context of new (or any for that matter) information being shared. But that’s exactly how it’s been regarding Bethesda Game Studio’s already-announced new sci-fi, space-faring IP which back at E3 2018, had little more than a brief cinematic and a name reveal. We still don’t have any gameplay, but we do have a basic picture of the game’s setting — taking place hundreds of years in the future.

And that’s pretty much it; information may still be thin coming away from today’s Microsoft/Bethesda showing, but what we do have — most surprisingly — is a distant, if ambitious, confirmation of a release date as well as confirmation that the game will indeed be exclusive (on the console front) to Xbox hardware. The uncertainty stemming from whether or not Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda would impact a previously-announced game such as this. As revealed in its latest trailer, Starfield is planned to release November 11 in 2022 across Xbox Series X/S & PC.

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