State of Play Announced for August 6, Focuses on PS4 and PS VR Titles

PlayStation today announced their next State of Play, and revealed that there will be no PS5 news during the presentation.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about PS5, including the release date, price, what PS4 games will be backwards compatible, and what many of Sony’s internal studios are working on. Unfortunately, we won’t get any of that news during the next State of Play presentation.

Taking place August 6 at 1pm PT, Sony was quick to put a stopper on expectations. The presentation intends on focusing on upcoming PS4 and PS VR games. There’s also a look at some of the indie and third-party games revealed at June’s PS5 reveal. However, there are no planned PS5 announcements.

It’s a disappointing announcement, especially considering how slow of a burn PS5 news has trickled out. Following its announcement last year, Sony has slowly been releasing more and more info about the console. It culminated in a presentation back in June that finally revealed the PS5’s design. Since then, Sony has released no new details regarding the console, asides from what PS4 peripherals work on PS5.

PlayStation 5 launches this holiday season. We’ll let you know should Sony make any announcements regarding upcoming PS5 reveals.