Stealthily Hunt Werewolves, Vampires in Alder’s Blood on Switch, PC This Year

No Gravity Games today announced that Shockwork Games’ Alder’s Blood would be heading to Nintendo Switch and PC at the end of 2019.

The debut title from the Polish studio has players become a member of the Hunters, who are on a mission to kill the corrupt god that abandoned the human race.

Players must tactically use stealth as they navigate the remnants of the world and encounter a variety of different enemies, ranging from werewolves to vampires.

And combat, movement and casting spells will come at a cost of the player’s stamina, which needs to be carefully managed in order to stay alive.

Players will be able to explore the world, which combines elements of the Victorian era and the Wild West, while managing their camp through their access to a mobile base.

The independent publisher is planning for further console releases — both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One presumably — for Alder’s Blood.