Stealthily Snatch Snacks As a Cute Critter in Snaccoon

So far this year, we’ve seen some notable games about controlling an adorable animal in a world ravaged by some sort of apocalypse. Stray had players guiding a cute cat through a post-apocalyptic robot-filled world where humanity has been wiped out by a disease. Endling had players guiding a cute fox and their cubs through an apocalyptic world where the environment has been completely ravaged by greed and carelessness. And now, revealed today at the Gamecom 2022 edition of the Future Games Show, Snaccoon sees players guiding a cute raccoon through the most horrific possible apocalypse yet…a world where ALL SNACK FOODS HAVE BEEN BANNED. Truly, it is the darkest timeline.

So the main goal the game is to sneak around and try to find any possible remaining snack foods in what is described as a “stealth exploration” game, as players journey around a densely packed urban city, getting around with a locomotion system focusing on ease of movement. Thankfully for our furry friend, this city does have some cakes and chips stashed away…unfortunately, it’s all part of a black market, meaning they’ll have to sneak around some rather unscrupulous folks. And all of this has a story about corrupt government doings playing in the background, and our raccoon friend’s actions can affect the outcomes of these tales…even if all our hero is interested in is nibbling on chips and stealing phones. Snaccoon comes courtesy of developer Christian Sparks, and is currently due out sometime in the future for the PC.