Steam Deck Officially Launching February 25

Over the past few months, Valve had to delay the December 2021 release of the Steam Deck into February. Today they’ve given a firm release date of February 25. With that said, this is not the day anyone will simply be able to order one and have it delivered ASAP. The Steam Deck pre-order period opened last year and has since filled up with many interested gamers. You can still pre-order today, but the release window is for “after Q2 2022” which could be anytime in the future.

Those who are lucky enough to be in the first wave of Q1 will receive an email from Valve on February 25 starting at 10:00 AM PT. From that email, you have just three days to access Steam and pay the full price of the unit (minus the $5 reservation fee previously paid). Otherwise, your pre-order will be released to the next person in line.

A few more notes: You must place an order for the version of Steam Deck originally ordered. Valve will not allow you to switch to another version of the Steam Deck. Finally, shipping costs are included in the final price of the device.