Steam Home Page Gets a Facelift

Over the past few months you might have noticed the Steam client changing a tad. Since then, one of the biggest anticipated changes was a new home page. With so many games released on the platform every day, it has become increasingly cluttered, making the process of finding content relevant to your tastes tricky. Today, the Steam Store homepage received a long overdue revamp — one fitting for a service that’s recently surpassed an astounding 100 million active accounts.

The Steam Discovery Update looks to untangle the jumble, allowing players to see the most popular or recent games available alongside far more customizable features. Recommendations have been moved to the homepage, and some Greenlight queue features were also implemented, such as the ability to ignore specific games.

Perhaps the feature with the most promise is Steam Curators. With this feature, websites and individuals will be able to act as “curators” of great gaming content. After all, with nearly 4,000 titles on Steam you’ll never be able to sort through it alone. Finally, if you abhor Early Access on principle, you can rid your homepage of any associated titles.