Steelrising Showcases Angel of Death in New Trailer

Developer Spiders’ upcoming game Steelrising looks to hopefully be another hit for them after the surprise success of Greedfall, seeing the team head into soulslike territory with a unique setting in an alternate version of Paris circa 1789. Said alternate version asks “Hey, what if King Louis XVI had built a killer robot army?” In that case, then it’s up to Aegis, the titular angel of death in this new trailer showcased at The Game Awards, to stop them. The new clip shows how well Aegis’ background as a dancer and a marvel of engineering ends up translating into what should hopefully be some rather stylish and fun combat. Steelrising comes out next year for XSX, PC, and PS5, when we’ll see just how much of a match Louis XVI’s own automaton are against Aegis.