SteelSeries Stratus Duo Now Available for Windows and Mobile Devices

SteelSeries has created some of the best controllers on the market today for not only mobile devices, but also Windows devices too. The SteelSeries XL was the prior gold standard and worked marvelously for phones, tablets and especially TV-based devices that use Android – like a Fire TV device or an Android TV device. The new version features a much larger d-pad and revamped triggers that allow you to have smoother travel, which is one downside to the XL. They are very much like the Xbox One controller’s, but lacked resistance. It has a physical dongle that allows you to go from a 2.4 GHZ wireless connection for PC to then using Bluetooth on a phone, tablet, or VR device. The controller has a 20 hour battery life and shows up as an X-Input controller on Windows. With this being a wireless device that doesn’t just use Bluetooth, it ensures that there will be far less lag than using the XL via Bluetooth for Windows. At $59.99, it is the same price as the XL and you can buy it on the official site, or at retailers like Best Buy or Amazon.