Steep, First Two Darksiders Free on EGS

The Epic Games Store‘s free holiday giveaway has come to a close with a trio of great games. Steep, Darksiders: Warmastered Edition and Darksiders II: Deathfinitive Edition are now free on EGS. All of the games are free until January 9 and with this, it marks the end of the 12 days of free games promo and it continues the trend of surprise games being thrown in. While Steep and Darksiders II were hinted at with the logo reveal, the first Darksiders wasn’t. Whenever an M-rated game is given away, a more family-friendly one is as well, but this is a rare time where two M-rated games result in a single family-friendly one. Anyone seeking a more modern take on the original 3D Zelda formula will love both of these Darksiders games – although Steam users may already have them as they were added to accounts that already had the baseline games before the switchover to the newer versions.