Stella Glow Launch Edition Unboxing Video

With the release of Stella Glow just a week away, the team at ATLUS has put together a quick unboxing of the game’s Launch Edition. Like most JRPGs released for the 3DS, Stella Glow has gotten the deluxe treatment with the usual limited edition pack-in goodies: an arranged 5-song soundtrack, a keychain of the adorable Bubu, a cloth poster (made out of synthetic material), and of course premium packaging that, while width-wise is more narrow than ATLUS’ recent Legend of Legacy LE, is the tallest of the outer boxes ATLUS has done. To see the goodness for yourself, take a gander at the video below.

For those interested, Stella Glow releases next Tuesday, November 17, exclusively for the 3DS at the price point of $49.99. Our review will go live this coming Friday, but if you’re looking for something sooner, then lay eyes on the in-depth preview we posted over the weekend.