Necroids Species Pack Released for Stellaris

Every piece of good sci-fi IP needs a hyper-religious zealot race, and today, Paradox Development Studio’s Stellaris introduces theirs with the Necroids Species Pack. This DLC unveils the Necroids, putting players in control of a powerful primary species of undead cultists who believe that in death, they have achieved immortality, and seek to expand its dominion across the universe.

The pack includes:

  • Necrophage Origin – this species origin puts players in command of a martyr race that expands relentlessly, consuming all that come before it. It features three new civics:
    – Death Cult – Sacrifice the masses to gain access to powerful edicts.
    – Reanimated Armies: Expendable zombie hordes at your command can be deployed against your enemies.
    – Memorialists: This civic allows you to improve planetary stability using monuments to the galaxy’s past, honoring the various tomb worlds you’ve left in your wake.
  • 16 new portraits (15 organic, 1 robotic)
  • New Ships
  • New advisor voiceover
  • New city set & diplomacy room
  • New Name lists
  • New building cosmetics

The Stellaris Necroids Species Pack is currently available via Paradox Plaza’s website, Steam, GOG and Microsoft Store. For players who have not gotten into this series yet, Stellaris is currently 75% off at all of those sites, and you can read our review here.