Stern Officially Unveils the City-Stomping Fury of Godzilla Pinball

Of all the movie monsters in the history of cinema, none are as iconic as Godzilla.  Sure, King Kong was first, but the big ape didn’t have anywhere else to go once he did a header off the Empire State Building.  Godzilla, on the other hand, won’t stay down, coming back movie after movie to protect the Earth no matter who it is that’s wreaking havoc this time.  Whether it’s history showing again and again how nature points out the folly of man or alien invaders out to harvest the planet’s resources, Godzilla is there to shut it down.  The giant screechy lizard has even built up an entire monstrous pantheon over the years, and a huge number of them are ready to throw down in Stern’s Godzilla Pinball.

Every good pinball table needs some kind of tissue-thin plot to justify the silver-ball chaos, and in Godzilla’s case it’s the Xiliens back to cause trouble.  They’ve mind-controlled a handful of Godzilla’s monster-allies so he needs to free them to defeat the aliens and save the Earth for the umpteenth time.  The only way to do this is by hitting targets on the colorful playfield, zipping up ramps and smashing into table toys like a five-story building or Mecha-Godzilla.  While those are the big, obvious features, the trailer shows off a couple of more subtle additions as well.  A powerful magnet sits beside a couple of well-traveled paths, capable of slingshotting the ball off course and up an unexpected lane.  Less table-oriented, on the lower-right corner between flipper and plunger is a place to scan a QR code from your phone for Stern’s new Insider Connected feature.  This lets you create a player profile that can follow you wherever you go, chasing achievements and keeping an eye on your own personal high scores.  While this service goes live with the Godzilla pinball, its full feature-set will roll out over the coming year.

As usual for a new Stern pinball, Godzilla comes in three versions- Pro, Premium, and Limited.  The Pro is the cheap version, missing a couple of table toys like the bridge and the motor that lowers the building but also coming in at $6899, $2100 cheaper than the Premium’s $8999 price tag.  On the other hand the Premium is the full experience so if you’ve got that kind of cash to throw around it would be silly to settle for less.  The LE went on sale earlier today so odds are good it’s sold out by now, but it’s got a mirrored back-glass, upgraded audio hardware, anti-reflect glass over the playfield, exclusive art on the inside cabinet walls, and a handful of other design upgrades to set it apart.  All three versions promise more than a few rounds of top-notch giant-monster pinball action, complete with Blue Oyster Cult’s classic-ish theme song.  Give the trailer a watch for all the B-movie kaiju thrills a pinball fan could hope for.