Stern Uncages Home-Use Jurassic Park Pinball

There’s no question that pinball is an expensive hobby, with even the cheap version of a new retail machine coming in at over $6000.  While not as high-profile as its main line of pinball titles, Stern does have a small line of less pricey home machines, still a hefty chunk of change at $4599 but every little bit helps when the pricing gets into four digits.  Up to now the line was only two units, both the same Star Wars layout with different art, but that grew by 50% today with the reveal of a new Jurassic Park pinball.

One of the major points of the Affordable Home Game line is that it’s designed more for consumer use than the professional arcade operator, and what that means is that, while it’s made with the same Stern parts as the bigger units, care has been taken to make sure that its set pieces are more durable.  A building that rises and sinks into the playfield is definitely a show-stopper, but maybe having a motor that can burn out and require replacement isn’t quite what the home market needs.  Jurassic Park’s ramps and lanes focus on the basics of pinball but still have a good bit of flair to them thanks to its eye-catching table art, and you can never go wrong with a t-rex head that spits out the multiball mode.

Stern released two trailers today to show off the Jurassic Park table, the shorter announcement one being over here while the in-depth feature look is below.  The layout may be a little less busy than a more professional model but even so it doesn’t stint on ramps, lanes, and various targets to activate the table goals and wizard modes.  Oddly, one of the nicest features is barely mentioned in passing, in that as a home game to start all you need to do is walk up and tap the glowing blue button sitting front and center, no quarters required.  Give it a watch below to see how Jurassic Park balances the budget-conscious design and overall durability with providing as many features as will fit into its fantastically-illustrated cabinet.