Stick It to The Man, Pure Chess and Pool PS4 Retail Versions Selling Out

Late last week, indie Publisher Ripstone made a surprising move by releasing three of their recent releases Stick it to the Man, Pure Chess and Pure Pool as physical versions to retail. These aren’t just download vouchers, mind you, but physical boxed versions complete with a Blu-ray game disc.

In just mere days, however, the games are almost sold out. Pure Pool is already sold out, while Stick It to The Man has only eight copies left in stock. Pure Chess is currently the only one that isn’t on the verge of selling out, although all three games are sold out through Amazon directly and available only through third-party seller “fulfillment-solutions.”

Indie games receiving physical releases are rare events indeed, and given the relative obscurity of these titles, they could become notable collector’s items one day.

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