Stranger of Sword City Releases in March for Xbox One and Vita

A bit of an odd couple, the Xbox One and Vita are, and yet Experience Inc.’s upcoming DRPG Stranger of Sword City is indeed releasing on both systems — and only those two systems. While it’s become commonplace for Vita and PS4/3 games to release together, it’s definitely weird to see the Xbox One and Vita getting the same game and not the PlayStation.

Nevertheless, Stranger of Sword City launched in Japan on the 360 and PC a few years back, marking its trek overseas this coming March as the first time it’ll be presented in English. Just today, Experience and publisher NIS America announced that the game has a firm release date finally: March 22.

What’s more is the fact that this isn’t just a straight port. While this release will include the original game’s graphics and art direction, it will also offer completely redrawn characters that can be swapped to whenever the player sees fit. This sort of thing is a bit unprecedented as it hasn’t happened all that much in the past. Moreover, it’s a welcome addition in that each style caters to a different crowd. The old aesthetic is more Western-influenced, with some even saying it’s the more unique one, while the new direction is far more in the vein of Experience’s last Vita DRPG Operation Abyss, taking on a far more anime look. We happen to be fans of the latter, though we certainly dig the original presentation as well.

Regardless, the game is only coming to Xbox One digitally, while set to receive a physical edition on Vita — a collector’s edition is even up for order over at NIS America’s web store. For a look at the aesthetic differences, check out the screenshots below.